Tiger Wall Curtains

Tiger Wall has been acquired by Goff's Curtain Walls.Tiger Wall Curtains

Our team at Goff’s is very excited to be your new manufacturer of curtain walls. 

At Goff's we strive to achieve timely delivery, superior quality, innovative products, accessories, and the employment of a knowledgeable, accessible and skilled support and production staff, guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction!

Goff's Curtain Walls started out of necessity in the collision repair stalls at Goff's Autobody in Pewaukee, Wisconsin in 1987. We revolutionized the industry by introducing the “Curtain Concept” to help control and contain airborne contaminants; increasing productivity and creating a safer work environment.

Today we’ve developed our product line of high quality industrial safety partitions to  include the Original Goff’s Curtain Wall, Welding Curtains & Screens, High Speed Vinyl & Mesh Roll-up Doors, Strip Doors, Acoustic Enclosures, and Climate Curtains. 

We're excited to earn your business! If you have any questions or if there is anything we can do please let us know.

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If you are a Tiger Wall distributor we'll be happy to discuss our business structure as well as send you a distributor kit to help you promote and sell our products. Email: sales@goffscw.com