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"Goff has a curtain application for just about anything..."

We use Goff curtain walls to create a clean area for aircraft painting and touch up, and to separate other aircraft for sanding and preparation work. With the curtains on tracks, we are able to quickly change the configuration of the hangar. By opening and closing one or two sets of curtains, we are able to create one, two, or three separate areas depending on our needs and use of the hangar for that day. They are easy to install, Super Durable, and allow light to pass though them. While closed you are still able to maintain visual contact with your employees. We are able to allow customers to observe work being completed on the aircraft, and yet keep them at safe distances from work being performed.
I also have the honor to sell this incredible product. I have been able to help other businesses and companies to separate areas and create clean areas for many different workapplications. Body shops, Aircraft maintenance, Food production, Hazmat areas, Industrial iron works, outside purposes for Semi Truck washing.
Goff has a curtain application for just about anything that you could think of. Indoors or out, Hang them high or Hang them low. From protecting employees eyes that may be working in an area that some others may be welding, To separation of production lines for food processing plants. Goff has sound dampening curtains, and curtains that can be used to create a Hazardous wash down area for Hospitals, EMS, or Industrial uses.
I have worked with Goff Enterprises for the last 5 years. They rise above and beyond my expectations for knowledge, service, and product lines.
Terry D. Black / President
Mid American Aircraft Painting Inc.
Planely Creative Inc.