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Trailer Doors

Goff's Strip Trailer Doors help to regulate temperature while allowing a visible barrier to the outside!

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Custom made for each trailer, strips are replaceable if damaged or dirtied. 

Solid Vinyl & Mesh Trailer Doors Also Available!


Benefits of Strip Trailer Doors include:

  • Quick and Easy Access to the Trailer
  • Control Temperature
  • Reduce Noise
  • Features of Strip Trailer Doors Include:

  • .080 Clear PVC
  • 8" Wide Strips
  • 50% Overlap
  • Temperature Range -20 to 150

    Goff's Enterprises, Inc. warrants all Strip Door Systems from failure in normal use due to defects in material or workmanship for a period of FIVE years from date of purchase. A LIFTETIME warranty on all mounting hardware. Goff's Enterprises may elect to repair or replace defective or damaged goods.

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    Goff Enterprises continually surpasses our expectations! ALL of our salesmen have "Goff Success Stories". Quality product, expedient quotes, excellent pricing, accurate shipments, post order challenges rectified quickly...Goff IS the real deal!
    Mid Middleton
    Carolina Material Handling

    "Goff's was very helpful and the product worked perfected. I like the wide selection of products you supply."

    Mike Kappel

    Ace MC, LLC

    West Bend, WI

    "We needed to stop bugs from coming into a production area. We installed Goff's Bug Doors and they're working well. Goff's has great customer service and great products. Thank you Bonnie for your help with these doors!"

    Scott Rose

    Service Handling Equipment Co.

    Ashland, MA 

    I have been a Goff customer since 1985. I as well as my customers have been very happy with the product and installation. It has always been a pleasure to work with the company and it’s employees who provide excellent customer service. I am proud to sell these products as I am always sure to have a happy customer.

    Don Young

    Young’s Equipment Sales, LLC

    Maplewood, NJ

    We installed 5 Goff's Overhead Vinyl Doors a year ago and are extremely happy with the way the doors work and how they look. Just had a thirdparty food safety audit and the auditor was very impressed with the doors.We passed with flying colors.
    I would recommend these doors to anyone who wants to control temperatures, dust, and cross contaminations.
    Kurt Stricker
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    "I can pick up the phone or email any of the staff I know at Goff's and they will all work with me to provide the best solution to a problem. They are willing to stand behind their products and give me and my customers the support we need.

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    "We only sell your product because it's the best! Our customer needed a curtain to keep particals from flying out of his bay area. We give Goff's the application and the dimensions and they gave us the product. If you need a curtain to do anything Goff's has the correct one for the application. I just wish we could sell more!"

    Vicki Behr

    Howard Marten Fluid Technologies Inc.... Read more

    Industries Include:

    Commercial & Retail
    And Many More.........
    Strip Door Mounting

    Mount the door flush to the wall or under the jam or suspend mount it with Goff's Universal Mounting Bracket!

    14 Gauge galvanizes steel construction, permanent ¼" studs, reinforcement plates and lock nuts are all included.

    Custom Sizes available in Standard & Ribbed

    Stock Sizes with Standard Strips:

    WxH % Overlap Width Thickness
    3'x7' 50 8" 0.08
    3'x8' 50 8" 0.08
    4'x7' 50 8" 0.08
    4'x8' 50 8" 0.08
    5'x7' 50 8" 0.08
    5'x8' 50 8" 0.08
    6'x7' 50 8" 0.08
    6'x8' 50 8" 0.08
    7'x7' 50 8" 0.08
    7'x8' 50 8" 0.08
    7'x10' 67 12" 0.12
    8'x7' 50 8" 0.08
    8'x8' 50 8" 0.08
    8'x8' 67 12" 0.12
    8'x10' 67 12" 0.12
    9'x7' 50 8" 0.08
    9'x8' 50 8" 0.08
    9'x9' 67 12" 0.12
    10'x10' 67 12" 0.12
    10'x12' 67 12" 0.12
    11'x11' 67 12" 0.12
    12'x12' 67 12" 0.12