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Three Ways to Optimize Custom High-Speed Doors

The custom high-speed doors chosen for your business space can only provide lasting value if they are optimized for the building in which they’re used. But many users don’t have a clear understanding on the customization process, and so within this latest post, we’ll explore three ways to optimize custom high-speed doors.

1. By Size

The size of the door chosen for your facility is of the utmost importance. The system should be designed to offer seamless integration within the space to limit the flow of air through the closed door and provide ideal coverage. Consider the size required during the customization process.z

2. By Application

When fitting custom high-speed doors within your facility, it’s important to consider the application space. The door can be optimized for the specific application taking place within that area. For example, if the company is conducting heat-intensive work, the door can be optimized to open and close quickly to limit the impact on the exterior environment.
3. By Door Movement

In some cases, custom high-speed doors can also be optimized to operate via a manual system in case of power failures within the building. This adds an additional level of safety for companies involved in dangerous working processes.

Our team at Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. can help you choose the ideal custom high-speed doors for your facility. To learn more, contact us today!